The game of hockey has played, and continues to play, a unique and significant role in the athletic and social history and fabric of our nation, inspiring millions with passion for the game. The universally acknowledged symbol of hockey supremacy is the Stanley Cup, donated by Canada's sixth Governor General, and announced in March 1892 at the Russell Hotel in Ottawa.

A Committee of citizens has formed and coalesced around four objectives:

  1. to commemorate Lord Stanley's gift through a statuary monument, of grand scale, dramatic beauty and historical significance, placed in a landscaped setting;
  2. in so doing, to inform and entertain visitors;
  3. to enhance the urban fabric of the nation's capital through such a commemoration; and
  4. to give expression to the shared pride of Canadians in their country's gift of hockey to the sporting world.

The project will seek the symbolic patronage of two distinguished citizens known for their commitment to Canadian cultural heritage and sporting traditions.

The project now enjoys the endorsement of the City of Ottawa, and would welcome formal expressions of support from other appropriate bodies.

The Committee has carefully considered the practicalities with the assistance of appropriate expertise, and established an implementation schedule calling for a public unveiling in the fall of 2012, with a capital and related costs of $7.5 million dollars. The implementation schedule addresses fundraising, site selection, design competition and construction and related matters. The financial management of the project will be assigned to appropriate professionals, working to a budget and be transparent publicly. The detailed implementation schedule is contained in these documents.

It is anticipated that there will be commercial opportunities on contiguous-to-site lands.